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International Elite Program


April 19, 2019



INTERNATIONAL ELITE PROGRAM will enter the fourth Miami Club Champions League (MCCL) season. The fourth season is scheduled to resume play in fall 2019.

Launched in 2016 as US Club Soccer League, the Miami Club Champions League has seen a lot of development through the creation of the Girls Development Academy, Boys ECNL and the major growth in NPL. Over the last four years MCCL has worked with top clubs in South Florida areas. Clubs have be represented from as far south as Homestead with groups also traveling from Palm Beach to participate in league play. To date the MCCL has included more than 20 clubs across the Boys U-8 to U-19 age groups that have experienced the central location Full
Age Group Match Day model that MCCL offers.

Miami Club Champions League Director Mayowa Owolabi said: “With the U.S. Soccer Development Academy dropping the U-12 age group starting in the fall of 2019 we recognized another major shift in the youth soccer league landscape. We are currently an FYSA league affiliate which allows team to compete within the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. We have a great business model and even better soccer understanding to support one of the best leagues in South Florida"

“We’ve reached out to and chosen some very good clubs that will help facilitate the longevity of the Miami Club Champions League. They know and understand what we’re looking for and what the general philosophy and overall ethos of the league is.”

MCCL Director Mayowa Owolabi also added: “The MCCL came from International Elite Program as a Club wanting to connect and have relationships with local youth soccer clubs in the area. We’ve done that from day one and for us it’s been very important to make sure our door is always open and we provide the best playing environment possible.

“Creating a competition that we oversee and manage will ensure it’s the right environment for youth players in the Miami, Broward and Palm Beach areas. It’s really unique amongst the top club teams and it is important to continue every year to develop more and more relationships with the local soccer community and this is one big step towards that.”

At its core, the league enables young players to compete, learn and grow within the structure of FYSA affiliated league play. The Miami Club Champions League concentrates on four main pillars:

  • Meaningful competition: Inclusion of top-level clubs in talent-rich areas
  • Managing league format and structure: Prioritizes development with age appropriate guidelines
  • Reduced travel and cost: Increases local competition with fair and appropriate registration fees
  • Shared sporting values: Allows a transparent player pathway to professional soccer

The League will be registered and operated under the International Elite Program (IEP Soccer) structure. This provides a centralized platform for clubs within the league to register and creates fluidity for players in their club to move up and down age groups appropriately according to their individual development.  Founded in 2016, MCCL is fully sanctioned by Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) and is a platform for the South Florida Region 1 area with over 60 registered teams currently playing in multiple leagues.