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International Elite Program

3v3 Elite FAQ


How many players are needed to form a team ?

Because it is a 3v3 tournament, each team needs a minimum of 3 players, but not more than 6 players maximum.

Do I need to submit an official roster or club team roster ?

No. You can choose and create your own team consisting of players from your current travel club team or mix your team full of friends and players from various teams and programs.

Do all players need to be the same age on a team ?

A single team roster can be made of players from various age groups.  However, you will be required to play in the age bracket of the oldest player on the team.

Are coaches required ?

The teams do not need official coaches, but a Team Representative is required.   Players being responsible for their own substitutions and playing time is encouraged, as 3v3 is based on a street soccer / pick-up style atmosphere.  

Can I sign up individually ?

No. The Team Representative must sign up the team as a group and pay in full at time of registration.

What is required at time of registration ?

The team representative must provide for each player: His or Her birthdate, club team and current league.

How will teams be placed for scheduling ?

Tournament staff will be using all the information submitted to provide each team with an appropriate level of competition.  

What shoes to wear ?

Players should wear SOCCER CLEATS or TURF SHOES !