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When are Tryouts?
Tryouts will be hosted 2 weeks after PHASE 3. If we can get on our fields before we will let all registered members know. We are in the hand of facilities and our county/city. All returning IEP players and Gulliver players have been offered automatic acceptance on teams as over the last year players have been assessed.

How do I register for Tryouts?
Follow the link HERE  Create an account on our Blue Sombrero page and once you have created an account your child’s age group will pop up and you can select tryout registration. You will receive a confirmation email following this process.

Who are going to be the coaches?
Coaching assignments can be found on the website HERE  Coaching assignment is can be changed but at this time all coaches are assigned with overall development of the players, the team, and the club. All coaches are licensed and IEP Soccer is dedicated to continue to hire and develop the best coaches in South Florida.

How much does IEP Soccer Competitive programs cost?
All pricing structures can be found HERE  Additional cost for tournaments and uniform packages. All uniforms will be ordered through and delivered directly to your homes!

When does the season start and end?
IEP Soccer’s competitive program will run for 10 months. Our target start dart is the first week of August and the season will end after a Memorial Day weekend tournament. During Middle and High School soccer seasons teams will train on a modified scheduled so school sports will not be impacted. IEP Soccer fully supports players to participate in school athletics and activities.

Are there enough players to form teams?
Based on previous players at IEP Soccer, new players signing up for tryouts and you Gulliver families potential participation, we are aiming to have teams in all stated age groups. If we recognize after returning from Covid-19 some age groups will be smaller, we will first look to combine age groups and discuss/share this information with those specific families. All returning IEP players and Gulliver families have been offered automatic acceptance on teams as over the last year players have been assessed.

What leagues will IEP Soccer play in?
IEP Soccer teams will compete in the following leagues based on level of team and age: Club Champions League Florida, Miami Dade League, South Florida United, Florida Youth Soccer League. 

Where will teams practice?
Our main training facility will be Miami Dade College Kendall Campus. We may also train at Kendall Soccer Park.

What time will practice be?
Practice will be scheduled from 5pm - 8pm depending on team and age groups.

How many practice will players have each week?
Teams will have 2-3 practice per week. This is based on age and level of the team.

Where will our home matches be played?
Home matches will be played at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus, Homestead Air Reserve Park, and Kendall Soccer Park.

Will there be transportation provided from Gulliver to practice fields?
This is a question that has been asked by a few. This was not a thought process before but as it has been asked we will look into this situation more. Due to practice times this may not be realistic.