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Virtual Learning Center

Footwork Activities - Small spaces  

Backyard Activities  

Technical Activities - Using a wall  

Juggling activities  

Juggling Training 

Juggling Challenge

Shooting Activities  

Shooting Training

Turnings with the ball Activities  

Moves to work on 1 vs. 1 Activity

The Matthews Scissors move 

The Stepover moves  

The Lunge, Stepover, Scissors, The Roll and inside & outside moves  

Shoulders, The lift, Fake Shots, Half Moon, Inside-Inside moves  

Elastico (Outside-Inside) and Maradona (bottom left & right  and vice-versa)  

Behind the Heel, Chop, V Pull Back, and Step & Push 

Push back, Stop - Stop, and Fake - Stop moves  

Famous soccer players move

Giggs's move  

Hazard's move  

Iniesta's move    

Ronaldo's move

Robinho's move  

Neymar's move 

Jay Jay Okocha's move  

Messi's move  

GK Resources - chest head height handling - GK - low waist knee handling - GK